MGCC Technical Notes

From time to time members ask whether we can run technical seminars. This can't be done to any great extent, because there are so many different models, and so many things that can go wrong with each. Apart from chatting up our professional motor engineers, mostly we tend to talk to others with similar cars and, probably, similar problems.

However, there is an awful lot of information on the web, apart from what you'll read in Mr Haynes' handy handbooks (which is, usually, absolutely everything about your car except the origin of the current funny noise).

We're using this page to list handy websites, and some excerpts from various sources that may prove worth scanning. We welcome suggestions (to Dave Provan) for items to include - full details, please.

Usual warning: there's an awful lot of rubbish on the net, as well as the good gen. The Club takes absolutely no responsibility for the results if you decide to follow advice that engines run in much quicker with a handful of emery powder down the carburettor, or whatever.




  • If you are having trouble translating your Haynes manual - Click Here


  • To find out from Neil Cairns about the development of various MG engines, you only need to - Click Here
  • If your engine isn't running at all, you could try transistorising the SU Fuel Pump.  If it works, tell us about it - Click Here
  • To check on the development and use of the BMC 'A' Series engine, Click Here

Wheels and Tyres 

If you are brooding about improving your lap times by fitting wider wheels and/or tyres, you need to have a serious look at these three info sources: