Trials require you and your Navigator to keep a close eye on time, navigation, and average speed. They are not speed events, and all normal road rules must be followed.  Other Clubs run the serious, "Rally of NZ', events for those who like to sail along gravel roads on their doorhandles. 

Our trials range from a simple round-the-local-roads-for-an-hour brain teaser right through to the serious, long distance, complicated, head down 'where the hell are we' - 'say that again and I'll speak to my lawyer' test of strength, character, and digestion. 

Regulars have in built calculators and devious minds.  However, to help newer members, the Club holds periodic training sessions at Club Nights, so you can tell the difference between the 'Straight Ahead Rule' and the 'Line of Least Deviation'.

Trials Techniques 

On the 'MGCC Training Notes'  page you'll find all the basics of Trialling for Fun.